Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for advance booking of parking via the internet– Online Booking

Last updated: March 2020
Introduction to the terms
These terms and conditions (hereafter called ‘Terms’) apply to all advance bookings made through  https://wrcp.transdevairportservices.com and all websites operated by Heathrow for advance bookings of parking. Please familiarise yourself with the terms applicable to the Website.
The owner of the Website
The website is owned by Heathrow Airport (hereafter called ‘Heathrow’). Heathrow’s postal address is Heathrow Coach Park, West Ramp Coach Park, Newbury Road, Heathrow Airport, Middlesex, TW6 2QU.
When you visit or use our website you automatically agree that this is for private use only. You cannot copy, distribute, change, publish, link to, or use any of the information on the Website unless this is solely for your private use, unless Heathrow has given its express prior written permission to do so.
The use of software, routine, or device to monitor or disrupt our Internet site is forbidden.
You understand and accept that Heathrow can exclude you from the Website without prior notice if you abuse or are in breach of the terms for the use of the Website. In the case of such abuse or breach Heathrow can report the matter to the police and commence legal proceedings to obtain compensation for financial loss or damage.
Transdev Airport Services ((hereafter called ‘TAS’) operates the website https://wrcp.transdevairportservices.com .
Websites for advance booking of parking and co-operating partners
The Websites https://wrcp.transdevairportservices.com is operated by TAS (ref sub-section 1.3), on behalf of Heathrow Airport for the sale of advance booking of parking at Heathrow Coach Park.
Heathrow Airport owns the parking areas at the Heathrow Coach Park.
The customer database is owned by Heathrow Airport and is utilised in the day-to-day operation of Heathrow Coach Parking site.
Contact information customer service
If you need to contact Heathrow’s customer service, please call us on 020 8745 7884.
Other abbreviations
For the purpose of these terms the reference to ‘airport’ means the actual airport parking is booked at (the parking area at the airport the booking is made for).
‘You’ and ‘your’ refers to the person who executes the advance booking using the Heathrow Website.  ‘We’ and ‘us’ refers to Heathrow and the airport in question as described above. The purchase agreement is entered into between ‘you’ and ‘us’.
Purchase agreement
The terms include important information and describe the rights and obligations of both parties for the terms and conditions incorporated in the purchase agreement.
General terms for advance booking via our Website
Approval of the purchase is deemed to be acceptance of the terms
When you use the Website to book parking space it is deemed that you have accepted these terms. If the terms are breached Heathrow can exclude you from the Website and/or report the matter.
How early/late in advance can a booking be made
Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance of commencement of the parking period and at the latest 0 minutes prior to the arrival of the flight.
Signs show full/closed
Even if the signs at the facility show full or closed, there will always be a space available for customers with a valid advance booking at the facility or at local overflow park to which the coach will be directed.
Validity of the booking
The booking is only valid for the date / time / parking facility and the airport stated in your order.
Order confirmation / receipt
Order confirmation / receipt
When you use the Website to book parking in advance you will receive an order confirmation / receipt via the e-mail address you stated when booking. This order confirmation / receipt includes all details of the booking.
The e-mail includes your receipt together with a unique reference number for the advance booking.
Using the parking facility using the advance booked space
Changes to Flight arrival
If the entrance / exit times that were booked change due to the flight arrival time changing, please notify reception on arrival and we will make best efforts to accommodate the changed flight times, however this may require the coach to leave the coach park and return at a specified time.
Entering and leaving the parking facility
When you arrive please find a bay and walk to reception to confirm your booking and suggested permit collection time. When you have received confirmation from reception that your group is ready for collection you will be provided a permit. No coach can proceed to the terminals without having been in receipt of a permit and having been instructed to leave by the WRCP reception team member.
Your vehicle is parked in the parking facility at your own risk
Heathrow and the Airport dedicate considerable resources to ensuring that the parking facilities are as secure and safe as possible. We cannot always guarantee 100 % security / safety at the parking facilities.
It is your responsibility when you park your vehicle to ensure that:
The vehicle is securely locked in the proper manner
All windows / doors / the boot and similar are all properly closed / locked
The handbrake is properly applied
Alarms, steering wheel locks / securing devices and similar are properly engaged
No animals / pets or persons have been left in the vehicle
All personal property is locked in a suitable place and are not left in plain sight in the vehicle
Heathrow is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of or to the vehicle or property resulting from failure to comply with the above.
Heathrow is not responsible or liable for:
Damage to your vehicle (either accidental or vandalism)
Theft of or from your vehicle while it is parked in the facility. The exception to this is if the damage/theft was caused by negligence on the part of Heathrow, and then only to the degree that such negligence is the direct cause of the damage / theft
All damage or theft from your vehicle that is incurred during the period your vehicle is parked in the facility must be reported to Heathrow’s personnel before you leave the parking facility. Use the intercom or telephone.
Conduct at the parking facility and all other areas at the airport
You must drive with care in the parking facility and other areas at the airport. You must also ensure that children and animals are always supervised when in the parking facilities and surrounding area. There is always a lot of traffic at airports, please pay attention to this and exercise due care.
You must obey all road traffic and other signs indicating direction and other instructions while in the parking facility and other areas at the airport.
Cancellation/changing an advance booking and refunds
General on cancellation and changes
If you wish to cancel or change your booking, please contact 020 8745 7884.
Deadline for cancellation and changes
For the cancellation or change/amendment to be valid Heathrow must receive this at the latest 0 hours prior to the entrance date and time to the facility shown on the original booking.
Cancellation or changes are not accepted after expiry of the arrival time and date selected originally by the customer.
Refunds or payment of additional fees
In the case of products for which cancellation and/or changes are allowed, you may be entitled to a discount or be required to pay an additional fee.
Refund of the parking fee on  cancellation
If your booking is cancelled with more than 0 minutes prior notice as described in sub-section 5.2, your fee will be refunded.
Refund of the parking fee in the case of changes
Changes must be received at least 0 hours in advance, see sub-section 5.2 above. No refund can be provided at the Coach Park Reception desk.
Other refunds
No refunds will be made after the booked date of entry to the parking facility as shown in your booking (i.e. as shown in your order confirmation / receipt) has been reached or if you have failed to follow the procedures described above and made the change / cancellation as described therein.
No refund will be made if a booking is not utilised (i.e. you have not used the parking space) for any reason and have not changed or cancelled the booking in accordance with the procedures shown above.
No refund will be made unless you can produce a pre-paid booking reference / receipt bearing a valid reference number. Refunds are made only to the credit / debit card used to pay for the original booking.
No other refunds will be made other than those described in these terms.
Negligent cancellation on the part of Heathrow
If Heathrow cancels your booking for a reason under Heathrow’s control and not due to circumstances beyond Heathrow’s control (see section 6 above) Heathrow will refund the purchase price directly to the same credit/debit card used when the booking was made.
Charges for payment with debit / credit cards
We reserve the right to not refund debit or credit card payment charges. This is to cover costs imposed by credit card companies and relevant administrative costs. The scope of such costs will be clearly indicated prior to the booking being confirmed and shown as part of the administrative costs or cancellation or change fee.
Circumstances beyond the control of Heathrow (Force majeure)
Heathrow is not responsible or liable for any errors or deficiencies that may result from the lack of ability to carry out its obligations due to events or circumstances beyond Heathrow’s control. Examples of such events and circumstances include war or the threat of war, riots, civil war, threats of terror or terrorist acts, labour conflicts such as strikes and/or lockouts, natural catastrophes, fire, inclement weather, public regulations / construction work, airport closure and / or cancellations or changes to airline schedules.
Heathrow will not make any changes whatsoever to or cancel your booking if you wish to change or cancel your booking due to any event or circumstance described in sub-section 6.1.
In the case of such events or circumstances incurring you must make any such changes yourself through the Website. Heathrow is not under any obligation to pay refunds in such cases.
Our responsibilities to you
Heathrow will conduct itself with all reasonable professionalism and care in providing services to you.
Nothing in these terms’ limits Heathrow’s liability in case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraud.
Heathrow does not accept liability for indirect or coincidental loss, loss of profits, loss of customer satisfaction, loss of income or loss of data.
The Sale of Goods Act
All purchase agreements entered between you and Heathrow Airport Limited via the Website is subject to UK legislation.
Amendments and changes to the terms
We reserve the right to change or amend these terms if this is deemed to be necessary. This notwithstanding, when you have completed a booking the terms published on the Website at the time payment for the booking was executed will apply. Please do not assume that the terms that applied for any previous booking you may have made continue to apply to any new booking you may make. We recommend that you always read the terms in advance of making a new booking in order to ascertain that you accept the terms.
Completion of a booking entails that you accept the terms applicable to the Website and the booking
When you complete your booking through the Website you simultaneously confirm that you have read and agree to the said terms. These terms represent the complete agreement between you and Heathrow for the sale of the services in question.
Terms relating to special circumstances
These terms apply solely to the display on this website. Separate terms apply to prize draws, competitions, and campaigns we may operate via the website from time to time, and to products and services we sell via the website. In cases where separate terms than the present Terms apply, this will be clearly stated.
Sale of official airport Parking
All parking sold via the Website by TAS is for official airport parking. This means that the parking facilities are operated in partnership with the landowner, Heathrow Airport Limited.
See also sub-section 1.5.
Standard terms for parking
You agree to the terms when you park or drive in the parking facility.
Personal privacy, data security and accessibilit
Personal privacy
All personal information you provide when using the website will be used in accordance with our guidelines for the protection of personal privacy. You can read about our guidelines for the protection of personal privacy by clicking on ‘Privacy Policy’  link in the footer text on the Website. The sub-sections below provide a summary of the protection of personal privacy policy for the Website.
You are entitled to request information relating to the processing of your personal details in connection with our services at any time. If you provide us with corrections to your personal details, Heathrow will carry out the necessary revision.
The addresses and contact information to both Heathrow and our customer service are shown in the introduction.
You can visit any of our Websites without providing personal information. If you wish to make use of our services however we will require some personal details:
Gathering of personal information
In order to provide our services we require certain personal details. We will request this information when you book parking in advance via our Website, or if you request information about our other services. Personal information gathered by Heathrow in such cases is restricted to your e-mail address, your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and similar. Necessary information will be marked with an asterisk *. This represents the minimum information we require to be able to complete your order and booking in a secure manner. There will also be “free choice” fields that you complete if you wish in the interests of practicality and that will enable us to present the optimum solution for your requirements. Sensitive information is always encrypted (for example all information concerning payments) and in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the credit card companies that own the various card brands that can be used on the Website.
Gathering of other information
EP also gathers other information on your hardware and software (through the use of cookies). Such information may include: your IP address, Web browser, operative system, domain name, access time and referring area addresses. This information is used in the operation of the services, maintain the quality of the services, and provide general statistics relating to the use of the websites. Such information is not linked to your personal information. Read more about cookies in sub-section 9.5.
The use of personal information
We use your personal information to supply the products, services, and information you request, or as necessary in connection with the purchase of our products and services. Your personal information is also used to inform you of special offers, provide you with updated information and to inform you of new services, but only if you have agreed to this in advance.
Heathrow only supplies information to others – with the exception of that which results from the above – when this is in accordance with the Personal Data Act or the legislation governing the protection of personal privacy in force at any one time, or when this is necessary to protect and defend the best interests of Heathrow a company, its rights, employees, customers and the general public.
Your personal information is dealt with by Heathrow, with Heathrow data processor. Heathrow will nonetheless use the services of a data processor abroad for data storage, as mentioned in the introduction.
Security and personal information
Our Website is protected with SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). This means that all personal data is encrypted so that no one can misuse or abuse the information.
Communication with the customer
When you make a booking, you agree for us to communicate with you over and above such communication that is necessary in order to fulfil the agreement. If you wish to stop receiving such information, please contact us at 020 8745 7884.
We will occasionally ask you for your opinion about our services, the Website or similar. Our use of your comments and personal information provided by you will be dealt with in accordance with these Terms and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Declaration.
If you are under the age of 16 you must have the permission of your parents or guardian.
Any contribution you make must not include any text or images that is / are unlawful, offensive, threatening, defamatory or discriminating, nor shall it encroach on the rights of others.
Declaration of accessibility
You can read our guidelines on personal data protection in more detail by clicking on the link in the footer text of the Website. The following is a summary of the guidelines.
Heathrow has an obligation to provide a website that is available to the largest possible public, regardless of technology or ability. We work actively to increase accessibility to and the user-friendliness of our Website. This entails that we adhere to all the relevant standards, protocols, and guidelines for e-commerce.
Guidelines, standards, and protocols:
We make every effort to adapt the Website to the level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. These guidelines explain how one makes web content more accessible to persons with reduced functionality. Compliance with these guidelines will contribute to making the Internet user-friendlier for all who use it.
Our Website has been designed and built utilising coding that is compatible with W3C standards for HTML and CSS. The Website shall be displayed correctly in all current browsers and uses standard compatible HTML / CSS coding. This means that future browsers will also display the Website correctly.
Exceptions: Although we make every possible effort to adhere to the adopted guidelines and standards for accessibility and user friendliness, it is not always possible to accommodate these in areas of the Website. We work continuously to identify solutions that will bring all areas of the Website up to the same high standard of general accessibility. If in the meantime you experience problems in accessing the Website, please do not hesitate to contact Heathrow’s customer service.
Security on the Website
We understand the importance of Internet security for our customers. When you place an order and store information on our Website, the highest level of security is maintained.
The Website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is one of the most advanced security programs currently available for transactions via the Internet. All information supplied by you, including credit or debit card information and your name and address etc, is encrypted thus ensuring that it cannot be read as open information on the Internet.
You know that you are on secure Website when the ‘http’ in your browser address line is replaced by ‘https’. A small locked padlock will also be displayed at the bottom right corner of your browser.
We use cookies (as do most Internet sites) to gather information on your usage. When you enter a website, your computer will automatically receive a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that identifies your computer to our server. Cookies cannot identify you as the individual user, only the computer is identified. If you don’t know what a cookie is, or how to control them, we recommend that you visit the following address: http://www.aboutcookies.org.The site provides detailed information and guidance about cookies.
Our cookies record the areas of the Website that have been contacted by your computer, the length of time used, and the activity carried out during the visit to the Website. We do this to enable us to identify which areas of our Website is most popular/visited, and also with the aim of improving your personal experience. As examples, some of our cookies have sales-promoting elements (for example pop-ups) that are not shown too many times in a single visit.
A number of cookies from third parties are also resident on the Website (as is true of the majority of websites). This may be used to track the Internet activity of your computer after you leave our Website. These are not our cookies and are not placed on our server to allow us to identify the other websites you visit after leaving our Website. They are placed and administered by third parties that have no connection whatsoever with us. These third-party cookies usually have a long “survival time” in that they are ‘harvested’ and ‘renewed’ when a user visits an Internet page where the same or similar cookies are used.
You do not have to accept cookies. You can change the settings for your web browser to either accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie wants access to your computer or to turn off all cookies. The last option can result in that you will not have the best possible surfing experience, simply because the websites you visit will no longer be able to adapt the content of the pages to your personal use and preferences.
Session Cookies
We use a session cookie to remember your log-in for you and what you’ve put in the shopping basket and allows a session to return to the same server even if the user has changed IP addresses (for example when a laptop gets a new IP at a hotspot). We believe these are strictly necessary to the working of our Website. If these are disabled then you will not be able to use some of the main functions available on our Website. You can find out more information on session cookies and what they are used for at http://www.allaboutcookies.org/cookies/session-cookies-used-for.html
Persistent Cookies for Site Analytics and Performance
DoubleClick (Google)  – this cookie is specific to the advertising that is displayed on our Website. It is anonymous and none of your personal or contact data or information will be disclosed. You can find out more generally about Google and its policies and principles as regards advertising at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/ads
Google Analytics  – we use this to understand how the site is being used by you and other visitors to our Website. We do this so that we can improve everyone’s experience when they visit the site. User data is all anonymous, so none of your personal or contact information will be disclosed. You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy as regards its analytics service at http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html
TagMan  – his allows us to deploy different versions of our site to test (A/B Testing). User data is all anonymous. You can find out more about TagMan on their site at http://www.tagman.com
Affiliate Window  – his allows us to track purchases that you make from those people who advertise on our Website. The user data is all anonymous as we track the purchase not the person making it. You can find out more about Affiliate Window on their site at http://www.affilaitewindow.com
Application Firewall  – When our Website enables Application Firewall, it applies at least one cookie, citrix_ns_id, to the session established between your computer and the Web server. For each cookie that was applied before the Application Firewall was enabled, a corresponding cookie is applied after enabling Application Firewall. For more information please visit http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX117235/
Your rights under the Data Protection Act
Under the Data Protection Act, you have the right to ask us what information we hold about you, the source of that information, and the uses to which it has been put. Such a request must be in writing and should be directed to the Heathrow Airport.
Links to third party websites
This Privacy policy applies solely to our Website and does not apply to any third-party websites you may access from our Website.
Updates to the privacy & cookie policy
We may amend its privacy & cookie policies from time to time in order to meet changes in the regulatory environment, business needs, or to satisfy the needs of our customers, properties, strategic marketing partners, and service providers. Updated versions will be posted to our Website and date stamped so that you are aware of when the privacy & cookie policy was last updated